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Helideck Landing Net

Helideck Landing Net Helideck Landing Net Helideck Landing Net Helideck Landing Net
Product name : Helideck Landing Net
Item : liftfhw08
Price : 5000
Details :
 lift sling net belt group produce Helicopter Landing Net,Helideck Landing Net,helideck safety net,Helideck anti-skid net,Antiskid Helicopter Landing Deck Net,Helicopter Landing Deck Net,Helicopter Safety Helideck Landing Net,
Helideck Landing Net
Net Size 9m*9m 12m*12m 14m*14m 15m*15m 20m*20m
Mesh Rope Size 16mm~25mm
Mesh Size 100mm*100mm 150mm*150mm 200mm*200mm
Type of Rope Sisal Rope/Manila Rope
Remark Nets of other sizes can be provided upon your request.

Helideck Landing Net
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