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Scaffolding Safety Net Scaffolding Safety Net Scaffolding Safety Net Scaffolding Safety Net
Product name : Scaffolding Safety Net
Item : liftaqw009
Price : 50
Details :
 xingsheng sling rigging company produce construction safety net , Scaffolding Net, Scaffolding Safety Nets, Scaffolding Protection Nets
High-rise building is necessary to erect a flat network, because the high-rise building is required sub-construction work, so there are two roles: 1. To prevent high-altitude parabolic 2. To prevent falling people at high altitude. The degree of mitigation of the accident can be reduced.
Safety net use specification:
1. When the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety net must be set up along with the wall, and then a fixed safety net shall be set up every 4m. In the outer frame, the bridge frame , The upper and lower holes must be set on the safety net. The gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall should be less than 15cm; the distance between the lowest point of the net and the surface of the lower object should be greater than 3m; the distance between the lower edge of the net and the surface of the lower object should be greater than 3m; . Safety net erection of the support, wood small head diameter of not less than 7cm, bamboo rod head diameter of not less than 8cm, pole spacing of not more than 4m. In this case,
2, before using the safety net should check whether there is corrosion and damage. Construction to ensure complete and effective safety net, support reasonable, uniform force, the net shall not have debris. Lap must be tight and reliable, shall not have gaps, erection of the safety net, shall not be removed during construction, damage, must be no high operation before removal. If the temporary safety net is required to be dismantled due to the construction, the construction unit must notify the construction unit to remove the safety net. The end of the construction must be immediately required by the construction unit to restore, and by the erection of units after passing inspection before use. In this case,
3, to regularly clean up the debris within the net, the implementation of the welding operation at the top of the network should be taken to prevent welding sparks fall on the Internet effective measures; network should not have a long time around the serious acid-base smoke. In this case,
4, safety nets in use must be checked regularly, and track the use of records, do not meet the requirements of the safety net should be promptly dealt with. When not in use, safety nets must be properly stored, kept, and protected from damp and moldy. The new network must be used before the nameplate to see the product: First look at the flat screen or vertical network, vertical network must be strictly separated from the network, the vertical network will not allow the use of flat screen; frame network, the bottom of the tether must Firmly tied. ; The manufacturer's production license; product factory certificate, if the old network should be done before the test, and test reports, test qualified old network can be used. Commitment: homogeneous price cheaper, with better quality!
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