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Flat Web sling

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Types Of Webbing Sling

Material: Polyester Nylon Polypropylene
Safety Factor: 5:1 6:1 7:1 8:1
Standard: ISO4878 EN1492-1 JB/T 8521
Length: As required
Color: Color code
Ply: Single, Duplex, Three and Four layer

Type 1:Eye-eye webbing sling (EE)

The most popular, more versatile sling, much more kinds of sling are available
Preferred types of soft eye formation are illustrated as followed

eye-eye webbing sling

1) Flat eye

A Flat eye webbing sling

2) Reversed eye

B Reversed eye sling,Reversed eye webbing sling

3) Folded eye 1/2 width from side

C Folded eye 1/2 width from side web sling

4) Folded eye 1/2 width from two side

D Folded eye 1/2 width from two side web sling

5) Folded eye 1/3 width

E Folded eye 1/3 width web sling

Type 2:Endless webbing sling (EN)

Economical & adaptable sling with no fixed wear points

Type3:Fitting webbing sling with metal(EM)

Endless webbing sling

1) Triangle & Triangle

Fitting webbing sling with metal

2) Triangle & Choker

Eye-Eye webbing sling

Difference width for difference safety factor for duplex webbing sling or single endless sling