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How Many Ton UHMWPE Lifting Sling Lift sling belt group can produce

Author : xuyingte Date : 2017-9-23 17:59:25
How Many Ton UHMWPE Lifting Sling Lift sling belt group can produce  
IN the year 1980,Lift sling belt group begin to produce white lifting sling,With the shrinkage of the domestic import belt market, the sales volume of the force ho was increased sharply, and the force of the company was produced by hand workshop, Batch production, with the customer's needs, we continue to add new varieties, in 1989 we met through the INTERNAT UHMWPE company, we began to use UHMWPE a new fiber making braided rope, under the guidance of fiber experts, we are familiar with this fiber We started the UHMWPE lifting belt, with the domestic polymer fiber production is mature, we also use domestic polymer production, we made lifting belt with 6: 1 safety factor, polyester fiber can make 300 tons of hoisting Belt, high-performance fiber can produce 1000 tons of lifting belt, and even greater, welcomed the new and old customers cooperation.
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