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endless webbing sling
endless webbing sling

Endless web sling
Endless webbing sling is the economical & adaptable sling with no fixed wear points,which  can be moved to increase sling life. We could product single and multi-ply webbing sling according to the requirement from the customers.The safety factor from 6:1to 7:1 is available. And these products is according to EN1492-1,complied with GS&CE. Customers could choice special length based on special requirement.

Endless round sling
Endless round sling

An endless textile sling for lifting. The sling includes a textile protective cover having a first textile tube, and a second textile tube within the first textile tube to form a double tube structure. The first tube and the second tube are connected together along two respective oppositely positioned longitudinal edges to form an inner sheath and an outer sheath. The sling further includes a load-carrying core within the second textile tube. The core includes a plurality of endless fiber strands. The sling is provided with a plurality of binding elements positioned between the two longitudinal edges and connecting the inner and outer sheaths together. The inner and outer sheaths are separated by a space. The binding elements partition the space into mutually separated chambers. The binding elements include one of a binding warp, a tie-in and an interlaced connection

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