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Steel wire rope slings and crane?

Author : XingSheng sling net belt group Date : 2012-8-4 10:05:38

Safe operation practice (OSHA) - whenever any of the following acts shall comply with the use of sling

The rigging of the damaged or defective shall not be used.

Not shrink or bolt short sling or other temporary equipment.

The sling legs can not bend.

The stone throwing stone shall not be loaded beyond its rated capacity.

A basket of rigging use load balancing node, prevent sliding.

Rigging should be securely connected to their load.

Rigging should protect the pad or the sharp edge of their load.

Suspended load should be kept smooth.

All employees should maintain a clear load that will cancel and suspend the load.

The hand or fingers may be placed between the load and the load and the sling sling is tightening.

Impact loads are prohibited.

Under a load from the load when the slings shall not be on the sling.

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